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Drive pipe replacement

Service and Streets/BTA

The Service Department Drive Pipe Replacement Program is in effect, weather permitting, from the beginning of April through the end of September.

The City of Brunswick Drive Pipe Replacement Program consists of four steps:

  • At the property owner’s request, Brunswick Service Department crew will evaluate and size the diameter and length of the existing drive pipe. After the evaluation is complete, we will then contact you to tell you the size drive pipe to order. Corrugated metal pipe is required. Corrugated plastic can only be used if drive apron is poured in concrete. You will notice some flags at the work site area. These flags are from Underground Utilities Protection Service.
  • The property owner is responsible for purchasing and having the drive pipe delivered to their residence. When the new drive pipe has been delivered the property owner may call the Brunswick Service Department to request installation. We do not set appointments and you do not need to be home at the time of install.
  • The day of install the service crew will knock on your door before they begin the drive pipe replacement install. At that time you may move your car out of the drive if so needed. The install will normally take approximately 4 hours. Brunswick service crew will remove the old and install the new pipe at no additional charge to you.
  • The Brunswick service crew will cover the new drive pipe with some stone and you will be able to drive over it after install but any necessary replacement of the drive apron to match with the rest of your existing driveway (gravel, asphalt, concrete) will be the property owner’s responsibility.
Drive pipe replacement