Tree lawn trees

Service and Streets

It is necessary to obtain a permit from the Director of Public Service before planting tree(s) in the tree lawn area (between sidewalk and the street curb). To obtain a permit to plant a tree(s) in the tree lawn area please submit a drawing of your lot including the following:

  • house
  • driveway
  • sidewalk
  • location where tree(s) are to be planted in the tree lawn area
  • other appurtenances in the area such as fire hydrants, etc.
  • type of tree
  • name
  • address
  • telephone number

Must meet Codified Ordinance Chapter 1230 of Brunswick Planning & Zoning requirements.

Street trees shall be as follows:

  1. Species: The trees shall be of species which are resistant to damage and disease and which do not cause interference with underground utilities or street lighting. The species of trees suggested are red maple, Norway maple, sugar maple, sycamore maple, red oak, thornless honey locust, London plane tree, amur cork tree, sweet gum, buckeye, ruby red horsechestnut, European hornbeam, hornbeam, American hop hornbeam, Chinese hackberry, hackberry, maiden-hair tree and European linden. Trees which have undesirable characteristics such as fruit, low branches, unpleasant odors, excessively thick foliage, susceptibility to disease or attack by insects, or large root systems, such as poplar, willow, cottonwood, American elm, ailanthus, mountain ash, silver maple, ash leaved maple and Oregon maple are prohibited in the planting strip.
  2. Location: Street trees shall be spaced so that there will be approximately ten feet between branch tips when the trees are full grown. No trees shall be planted within forty feet of the intersection of two street right-of-way lines. Approaches to buildings should be considered when locating trees.
  3. Size: Trees shall be at least one and one-half inches in diameter, one foot above the ground. The lowest branches shall be not less than seven feet and no more than ten feet above ground.

Please send your drawing to the attention of Mr. Paul Barnett, Director of Public Service, City of Brunswick, 4095 Center Rd., Brunswick, OH 44212. It will be reviewed and approved if all requirements are met.