Service and Streets

The Service Department’s administrative offices are located at City Hall. Walk-in visitors can find help at the same window which houses Building, Planning and other departments. The counter is open 8:30 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday.

The Service Center building is located at 1238 W. 130th Street. From our Service Center we provide and administer the following services:

  • Street sweeping
  • Catch basin repair
  • Drive pipe replacement
  • Storm sewer maintenance
  • Snow and ice control

Information on the following can be found in the department menu under “Report a problem to the Service Department”:

  • Manhole/catch basin covers
  • Parking on City streets
  • Refuse collection
  • Sewer backups
  • Street light malfunctions
  • Tree lawn trees
  • Water line leaks
  • Winter reminders

Service Events

Service related events include:

If any of these events are not listed, they have either not been scheduled yet or the events have passed. You can search the Calendar for more information.

Please note that City-provided services such as branch chipping, leaf collection, street sweeping and snow and ice removal are performed on public City streets. For services provided on private streets, consult your home owners’ association.


8:30 am-5:00 pm

Mission statement:

We will provide for the safe, orderly, and efficient use of all resources available to the Department, in order to maintain and constitute the physical structures, facilities and services to our City.

We will provide the highest quality cost effective services to our residents using the City’s infrastructure facilities including roadways, water, water drainage, yard waste disposal, and other supportive services.

We recognize the value of all Departments of the City government and will provide the highest quality assistance to them.