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Payment options

Refuse and Storm Water

There are numerous ways to pay your quarterly refuse bill. You can:

  • mail payment with your bill stub to City Hall, 4095 Center Road, Brunswick, Ohio 44212 via United States Postal Service.
  • pay your bill in person at Brunswick City Hall via cash, check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Please be advised that credit card payments only are subject to a $10.00 service charge.
  • place your envelope with payment in the drop box located at City Hall. The drop box is located in the parking lot directly across from the City Hall front doors and is marked for City of Brunswick payments only.

In response to requests from customers, we are happy to provide a payment option that will automatically pay your quarterly Refuse and Waterline maintenance bill from your checking account each quarter with no service charge. We call this payment option Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

With EFT you can:

  • Save time and money – it’s automatic and free
  • Avoid any lost or delayed checks in the mail
  • Have a safe and secure payment each quarter

Signing up is easy:

  1. Download and print the enrollment form on this page.
  2. Write your Refuse/Stormwater account number (from your bill) on the enrollment form.
  3. Fill out the top of the form, then sign your name.
  4. Get a check from the account you want to use and write “void” on the check.
  5. Please paper clip or staple the voided check to the enrollment form.
  6. Any questions on enrollment or billing, contact the Refuse/Stormwater Department at 330-558-6825. Mail the enrollment form with voided check to:

    City of Brunswick
    Department of Refuse/Storm Water
    4095 Center Road
    Brunswick OH 44212

The electronic funds transfer to pay your Refuse and Storm Water quarterly bill will be deducted from your account on or about the 5th of the month following the quarterly billing.

If you still have questions about the EFT program, please visit our Questions & Answers page.

The City of Brunswick bills each quarter and payments will be deducted from your account as follows:


QuarterPayment deducted
(approximate due to weekends)
1st quarter (Jan.-Mar.)2nd Monday in February
2nd quarter (Apr.-Jun.)2nd Monday in May
3rd quarter (Jul.-Sep.)2nd Monday in August
4th quarter (Oct.-Dec.)2nd Monday in November
Payment options

Billing and collection problems

If you have a collection-related problem or questions, call Republic Waste at 800-433-1309 or e-mail refuse collection.

If you have billing problems or questions, call 330-558-6825 or e-mail refuse billing.

For unresolved collection issues, contact the Service Director at 330-558-6804.