Finding Families


The purpose of this program is to assist individuals with mental or physical impairments, which make it difficult to communicate. Individuals with dementia or autism, for example, can leave their residences without notice and become lost. By participating in the program, they can be more quickly reunited with their families. All that is required to enroll in this program is for the family to complete a brief form and attach a recent photograph of their family member. If they do not have a recent photograph, the Division of Police will take one for the family. This information is kept on file in the communication center so that the particular family member can then be identified, should they wander away from home, and be returned to their family.

You can enroll in the program in one of two ways:

Fill out this form and mail or bring it to the Division of Police, 4095 Center Road, Brunswick 44212.

Fill out this form online, include a photo attachment, and send it to the Division of Police electronically.

For further information, please contact Sgt. Matheis at