The Brunswick Division of Police Communications Center is staffed by at least two Communications Specialists 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide public safety dispatching and call taking services for Brunswick City and Brunswick Hills Twp. Together with the patrol officers, fire-medics and animal control officers, we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our communities.

On average, Communications handles approximately 3,600 9-1-1 emergency and 96,000 non-emergency calls per year. The Communications Center can become an extremely busy place, especially during emergencies. Our Communications Specialists must often multi-task to assist all in need. If your call is placed on hold, please understand we may be dealing with a life- or property-threatening emergency on another line. We will answer your call as soon as possible.

What to expect when calling in a suspected crime

If you see a suspected crime being committed, call us as soon as possible. Communications Specialists are trained to ask specific questions in order to coordinate the best possible response for your situation. Be prepared to provide information such as:

  • What is the exact location where the suspected crime is occurring?
  • What exactly is occurring?
  • Who is involved, how many, and what are their descriptions?
  • Height, weight and approximate age
  • Clothing description
  • Are there vehicles involved, and what are their descriptions?
  • Make, model, year, color, license plate number
  • Bumper stickers, vehicle damage, other identifying marks
  • Last known direction of travel
  • Are there weapons involved and what kind are they?
  • When did this occur? Is it occurring now?


What to expect when calling in a medical emergency

Our Communication Specialists are Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) and American Red Cross CPR certified. We are trained to ask pertinent questions relating to the victim’s condition and to pass this information on to emergency responders. Prior to paramedics and emergency medical technician arrival on the scene, we are there to provide life-saving instruction to the caller. The Communications Specialist will tell the caller exactly what to do to take care of the victim until help arrives on the scene.

For life- or property-threatening emergencies, dial 9-1-1.


For all other questions or reports, dial our non-emergency number at 330-225-9111.