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City Manager

When emergencies occur…awareness is the key to your safety!

Residents of the City of Brunswick can now be notified of emergency situations by a new, high-speed telephone service. The CodeRED system allows safety officials to send recorded messages to the entire community, or a specific area within moments. These messages will inform residents of the situation and give instructions for action.

The CodeRED system delivers messages to a live person, an answering machine, or voice mail to be sure you are adequately informed. The service will be used only for emergency notification, when rapid and accurate information is essential for your immediate safety.

The City of Brunswick has imported phone numbers from across the community data bases, including our 911 listings. However, to be certain we have the most current information, we urge you to formally register for the service by clicking the CodeRED button. You can enter one additional phone number, such as a cell phone to be sure you are informed, wherever you are. The system is designed to eliminate duplicate phone numbers, so you will receive only one call at each phone number registered. Should you desire to enter more than two phone numbers for your address, you can repeat the registration process to enter additional numbers.

When you submit the information, the numbers are immediately updated in the CodeRED database and you are ready to receive emergency messages. This information will be kept private and will not be shared or sold.

Brunswick business owners are also encouraged to register for this potentially lifesaving service. When you click on Sign Up Now, you will also need to click on the button “Click to Switch to Business Data” and fill in the required information.

Further information about CodeRED, including FAQ and an opt-out form, are available in the City Manager menu. If you still have questions about the CodeRED service, please contact the Division of Police at 330-225-9111.


Weather warning service

You can subscribe to an optional warning service to keep you aware of storm activity as soon as a warning is issued. This service is also free for residents of the City of Brunswick. Within seconds from the time the warning is issued by the National Weather Service, the CodeRED Weather Warning option will call your home or cell phone, to alert you of the impending storm.

Only those who specifically register for the special Weather Warning service will be called when the warnings are issued.

When filling out your application, remember to check the box for the Weather Warning option.

If you have any questions about the CodeRED alert system, or the optional Weather Warning service, please contact the Division of Police at 330-225-9111.


Special information for CapTel users

Hearing impaired persons can use the CapTel phone system for CodeRED messages. Here’s how:

  • Register for CodeRED using your home phone number.
  • Use your Caller ID service to identify an incoming CodeRED call. (Look at the Caller ID information from the 911 dispatcher.) Allow the message to be recorded on your answering machine or remote voicemail service. (CapTel doesn’t have a built-in answering machine, but it does work with external answering machines or remote voicemail.)
  • Use your CapTel phone to caption the message of that CodeRED announcement and read the captioned message on the screen of your phone.